Chapter 346 I’m Pregnant...

Susan pointed a finger at Louis's face. "Look at your brother. He already has two children, so when is your turn to settle down? Quickly go and get yourself married! You'd better stay at home tomorrow. I'll arrange several matchmaking sessions for you so we can get this done as soon as possible." Louis wailed. "That can't be, Mom! I'm still young, and I don't want to get married…" "Enough excuses. If you don't want to get married, be like your brother and give me a baby," Susan said. "I can consider that." Louis rubbed his chin and gave that a serious thought. That seemed to be a good idea. If he gave his mother a baby, she would not bug him anymore about getting married. Old Master Crawford whacked Louis's leg with his walking stick, breaking his train of thought. "Over my dead body, you rascal!" Louis felt aggrieved. "Not fair, Grandpa. Why can Brother do that but not me? The twins…" Luke glared at Louis with a stern gaze. Louis noticed that the twins were looking at

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