Chapter 342 Calling His Name Again and Again

Bianca did not want to anger Luke by telling him about her encounter with Queenie, but she would feel uneasy if she did not. It was not easy for her to be where she was now. She was afraid that she would lose this blissful scene. After all, she was too unremarkable. The other women who coveted the man came from powerful and influential families. "Luke, I'll strive to become a world-renowned designer so that I can stand shoulder to shoulder with you. That way, there won't be as many rumors and negative remarks even if we're together." Bianca whispered into his ear. Her warm breath had traces of melancholy. "I believe in your capabilities, and you should believe in yourself more. Success isn't achieved overnight, and there is much room for you to grow. You'll have to take it slow, but I believe that my Bianca will one day stand on the pinnacle of the world, living the life that you want… Perhaps even I might find it difficult to reach that height," Luke said as he carried Bianc

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