Chapter 320 Bianca Wows the Crowd!

On the screen was a magnificent skyscraper under a starry sky. Its design was bold and exquisite, and it looked more like an alien construct in a sci-fi movie. Its outer walls had mysterious and mesmerizing carvings. More shockingly, each segment of the skyscraper could resolve independently. The exterior glass panels could reflect the entire city. It was an impeccable work of art. The designers were incredibly excited when they saw the design, and they started chattering, endless praising its originality. Luke knocked on the table, and the tumultuous conference room slowly quietened down. The man shone a laser pointer on the screen, and his seductive voice could be heard over the speakers. "I designed this fantasy-like skyscraper myself, based on future design trends. Can anyone give an opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of this design? Who'll be the first?" The designer admired their boss even more when they heard that he had designed the skyscraper himself. As

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