Chapter 29 Bianca Shook Her Head, Trying To Clear Her Mind

Marie looked stunned. “But… She’s my little sister…” Jennifer had been out and about in society for several decades, and she had long since witnessed all of the nasty things women did to each other. The moment Charlotte looked up, she immediately knew what the girl was planning. Charlotte muttered to Marie coldly, “Stop defending that little b*tch! She’s a tumor that should be removed ASAP. Both you and your mother have already tried helping her. You funded her studies overseas and spent so much money on her. You’ve already done more than enough for her. It’s her own fault for knowing nothing other than seducing other people’s men! “I’m telling you, she is nothing to me, and I have to do this to her to protect my love!” With that, Charlotte went back to her seat. Marie pretended to be conflicted about it for such a long time until Charlotte frowned, on the verge of losing her temper. Only then did Marie make the necessary arrangements. … After Marie left the room, she first glanc

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