Chapter 282 Some Men Are Ridiculously Elegant...

Leia placed the flask of chicken soup on the table and called out gently, "Mr. Crawford." Her mother had said that the fastest way to a man's heart was through his stomach. Of course, Leia did not know how to fry an egg, let alone make chicken soup. However, Queenie, her adopted mother, was a good cook. Luke turned around. The female celebrity was dazzled by his impeccable facial features. Undeniably, Luke was a very handsome man. He was handsome not only because of his sculpted face but also because of his mature character. Luke might look young, but he carried the dominating and enigmatic deportment of a king. That must have been the culmination of many years of experience in the harsh battlefield of the business world. "Mr. Crawford, I'd like to discuss with you about our collaboration. Right, I've also brought some chicken soup for you. I hope you'll like it," Leia said. Luke frowned slightly. "Thank you, Ms. Norman. I'm sorry, I've already had breakfast, so you sho

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