Chapter 274 She Could Not Go Against Luke’s Orders!

"P… Please give us another chance to correct ourselves, Mr. Crawford! We promise that it won't ever happen again!" Cold sweat poured from Mr. Smith's forehead when Luke glared at him. He hoped that Luke would give him another chance. However, Mr. Robel's eyes flashed with disdain. He was a nationalistic man, and he did not believe that the foreigner would do anything drastic to them! Moreover, not only was he the general manager, but he was also the head chef. His culinary skills were top-notch. Regal would stand to lose a lot without him! Out of everyone's expectations, Luke said, "I apologize, Mr. Robel, but Regal has no further need for your services. You can clear your desk and leave." "What? I've toiled for Regal for the past three years, and this is what I get? How dare you fire me, you filthy foreigner?" Mr. Robel was livid. He stood up abruptly, slammed the conference table, and swore at Luke. The other members of the higher management dared not speak a word. 'W

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