Chapter 262 Such A Gentle Gaze...

Back at home, the two children went to the study and did their homework, while Bianca went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. In the sink was a basin half-filled with water and two fishes. Bianca was going to prepare fish for dinner. Fish was very nutritious. It was the perfect food for a child's physical and mental development. Her children might be picky eaters, but Bianca wanted to try to change their food habits. After seeing Luke and Mavis ride in the same car, she was not in her element. She told herself not to overthink, but she could not control certain things. She picked up a fish from the basin and treated it as Luke. Whack! Whack! She hit the fish with the rolling pin, and it went still… She wanted to give a call to Luke, but she thought that it was beneath her dignity to do so. If Luke was really talking business with Mavis, then her call would be an unnecessary distraction. However, she nevertheless felt uneasy when she was reminded of Xavier's words…

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