Chapter 245 As Though He Is Possessed

Bianca closed her eyes and started counting sheep. One, two, three… when she was at twenty-three, she felt the man leaning closer on her back. His warm and rough hands encircled her delicate waist and reached into the elastic band of his pajama pants. Bianca was sleeping on her side. Luke's warm hands rubbed and massaged her abdomen, and her legs instinctively bent… When she bent her legs, her butt was pushed outward… Her butt pressed against the man's body. She could feel something awaken beneath the man's pants and was poking her body. "What are you doing?" Bianca frowned slightly. She was not in the mood tonight. The bedroom was dark, though eventually she got used to the darkness. Luke's arm supported his head, and he was leaning on the bed looking at her. His head moved forward, and he kissed her fair cheek. "The doctor recommends that you should exercise more often. It'll be good for your hypoglycemia," he said. "Exercise…" Bianca's mind turned blank. The doct

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