Chapter 23 Judging A Homewrecker With Her Own Eyes

There were many things the boy still did not understand, so he stood at the bathroom door and waited for his father to come out after his shower. When Luke emerged from the shower, he only had a towel around his waist. He was completely shirtless, his well-toned chest glistening with sexy water droplets. “Dad, I’m sure Miss Bea has parents too, so why do you have to raise her?” Blanche could not figure that part out. Luke sat down, spreading his legs and wiping his dripping hair with his towel. He asked, “How old are you? How old is she?” “Hmm, I’m five…” Blanche replied. “But I don’t know how old she is.” Luke looked at his son and replied seriously, "You’re five and she’s twenty-four. You two are nineteen years apart. You’ll grow up very soon, and you’ll become a grown man just like me. When that happens, you’ll have a career and a dream you want to pursue. At that time, I’ll be in my fifties, soon to grow old. The same goes for your Miss Bea. One day, we’ll become as old as you

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