Chapter 219 He Wants Her to Make That Important Life Decision

After the waiters served all the dishes, they left the private restaurant room. The restaurant's service was personalized. The owner did not believe that the customer was always right, and it was up to her if she wanted to serve those that came through the doors. Her customers were either regulars or those whose personalities and mannerisms were to the owner's satisfaction. Of course, they had to be able to afford the food there too. Anyone rude or boorish would not be able to taste the spectacular food of that restaurant. Shakira Neile, the owner, had a temperamental character. She had offended many people in her career, especially the nouveau riche who had money but no manners. She could afford to offend those people. Her husband and son were influential VIPs. Bianca took a few bites and turned to feed Rainie, who was clinging onto her and causing her heart to melt out of tenderness. Even if Rainie threw a tantrum and did not want to eat the delicious food served on the tab

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