Chapter 215 Luke is Emotionally Unstable Again...

"It's not that…" Bianca's denial was weak. "I know that even if someone catches us in the act, you have the clout to suppress the news. I'm just a little tired after a full day of work, and I just want to go back to my room and rest." Luke's gaze on her was profound. He leaned close to her, deliberately lowered his voice, and spoke each syllable clearly. "I'm not going to suppress the news if the scandal breaks out. When I saw the news this morning that you are his legally wedded wife, I was so jealous that I was losing my mind. Now that you've appeared on the news with him, do you still mind that you'll have a scandal with me?" Bianca was worried that the children might hear. She might be surprised, but she kept her voice low, "That was just an accident. There's nothing to be jealous of. Don't be childish." She knew that Xavier bore no love for him, and he only forced her into a marriage out of malice. Even if he had a shred of affection for him, there was nothing to be proud of

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