Chapter 212 Wordless Intimacy

Luke's body emitted a frosty aura, which warned people to stay away as far as possible. Bianca pulled her jacket together and turned her head weakly to look outside the window. She did not say a word. After Jason helped Bianca sit in the car and closed the door, he went to get the two children who were doing their homework out of the room and into the car. The back seat of the Bentley was spacious. The children were carried into the car one after the other, but the father did not reach out to catch them. In fact, when he glanced at the children, it was full of disgust and annoyance. The two children were used to that and did not feel particularly sad. Rainie shifted closer to Bianca and asked her, "Can I sit together with you, Miss Bea?" "Of course. You can come closer…" Bianca said gently. She took Rainie's hand and brought the little girl into her arms. The scene looked like a family of four on their weekend family trip, but the father was too aloof and distracted…

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