Chapter 210 Luke’s Favoritism

In the VIP hospital ward. A tall and well-built figure walked out, and an elderly male voice roared in anger! "Luke, you ingrate!" Old Master Crawford shouted and slammed the table. Luke heard how angry his grandfather was, but that did not stop him from steadily walking away. The marriage between Xavier Tanner and Bianca Rayne was nothing remarkable, though thanks to Leia Norman, the popular celebrity, it was brought into public view. When the newspapers reported Xavier and Bianca's marriage certificate, Luke, as the man who had slept next to Bianca, was livid! Withered leaves scattered on the sidewalk outside the hospital, which added to the melancholy of the city in the fall. A black Bentley was parked on the side of the road. When Jason saw his boss, he got out of the car and opened the passenger door. After that, Jason got back into the car and started driving. After leaving the hospital gate, he reported to his boss, who was frowning while browsing his phone, "I've

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