Chapter 20 Daddy Will Spank You!

Luke did not even look at her. He just reminded her, “The food’s growing cold.” With that, he turned around and went to her narrow little balcony, less than two meters squared, as though he knew the place like the back of his hand. Bianca stayed frozen on the spot. Luke acted like he owned the place, pulling out his box of cigarettes as he walked. After that, he tapped a cigarette out of the box and put it in his mouth, lighting it. His every action was so smooth and cool. This was her house, but the two children sat at the table with their spoons, looking at their empty bowls and waiting to be fed as though she owed them food. Still, they were obedient and very adorable. The only problem was the adult over there. He was completely disregarding her as the owner of this house. Anyone else would at least be polite enough to explain how they got inside. … Bianca first served the children food, but she did not eat anything herself. Instead, she hid in the kitchen. She had done ba

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