Chapter 207 A Family of Four, Sleeping Together!

With no other choice, Bianca gently opened the door. The children continued to sleep in the small three-hundred-square-foot room under the moonlight, though the two adults immediately hugged each other at the door. Bianca wanted to turn around and head into the room, but the man hugged her delicate body tight in a vice-like grip. "Don't do that. The kids will see us if they wake up…" She was panting hard in Luke's arms. Luke was already an unrestrained beast when he was not drinking, now that he had taken alcohol… Bianca did not want to imagine it. She could only pray that he did not go overboard. "I won't force you if you're not willing. You have to tell me if I'm hurting you. Don't hold back." Luke brought his thin and sexy lips behind her ear and kissed her fair skin, trying hard to hold back his urge to overpower her. Bianca was silent in his arms. She felt slightly more at ease when the man promised her that. She thought it was ironic that Luke was usually an u

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