Chapter 203 Why Are You Shy? Haven’t I Seen Everything?

Bianca could sense the forbidding aura emanating from the man's body, though she was also reminded that the man had an opposite sentiment. Rather than forbidding, he only wished to indulge himself. Her heart started thumping hard, and her mouth started salivating when she remembered the ferocious beast hidden under the man's trousers. "You… can wait outside… I can take a shower myself." After the multiple sessions last night, Bianca was too embarrassed to lift her head. That dark, rundown, desolate old house became warm and sizzling because of his presence. The smell of dirt and moisture was strong in the front yard, though the man's wild kisses and heavy breaths covered it. She could give him her all, as though she could meld herself into his passionate body. Then, it was another round of intimacy in the car. Bianca thought that Luke was a cannibalistic demon. No matter day and night, he always hungered for her. However, she had given herself to him so many times!

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