Chapter 196 Are We Going To Visit Miss Bea?

When Jason received Sue's message, he was waiting in front of the school for the boss's two babies. "Uncle Doyle!" Rainie ran out of the gates and into Jason's arms. Jason lifted the little princess with one arm, then took the little prince's hand with his other hand and walked toward the car. "When will Daddy come and pick us up from school again, Uncle Doyle?" Lanie asked a futile question. He and his sister knew that Daddy was very busy. On the rare occasion that Daddy was home, he was usually distant and responsive. It was as though they did not have a father. Now that their Daddy was warming up to them, he disappeared without a trace for the past two days. As Rainie was placed in the car by Jason, she heard her brother's words and looked innocently at Jason, waiting for an answer. After settling the two children in the car, Jason said seriously, "Your Daddy is very busy now, and he can't leave his job. Let your Uncle Doyle ask him again when he will be free to pick y

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