Chapter 182 Why Didn't He Take in Other Women's Grandfathers?

Jason told his boss everything that he should tell him in obscurity. As his personal assistant, he believed that his boss was a smart man. He should be able to guess what Yvonne did. However, the boss was still a boss at the end of the day. He was experienced in life and with his identity, he would not go about his business like a tyrannical and unreasonable scoundrel. His boss would not show any of his thoughts on his face. He was so unpredictable that no one could guess what he was thinking about. As such, Jason could not guess how the boss would take care of this. He could only wait and see! He would go and take care of his work first! … In the design department downstairs. Ever since Yvonne started working here, the topic of everyone’s conversation completely changed. One second, they would talk about the well-known socialites in the city, then they would talk about the celebrities in showbiz in the next second. Occasionally, they would talk about the bigwigs and capitalists

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