Chapter 180 The Two of Them Became Sweet and Intimate All of a Sudden

She breathed in the man’s refreshing scent. After gasping for air for a while, Bianca finally settled back into reality. “Did you have a nightmare?” Luke’s cold lips pressed on her forehead. Then, his large hand pushed her messy hair behind her ear. He looked at her fair face and wet eyes. He said softly, “Don’t be scared. I’m not going anywhere.” Bianca felt glad. She was glad that it was just a nightmare. The reality she saw after she opened her eyes was not as bad as her nightmare. One of her hands grabbed the man’s firm waist while another grabbed the shirt in front of the man’s chest. She opened her mouth after she heard the man’s comforting words, but she did not say anything. The air in the small room plunged into silence. After a long while, Bianca’s limbs regained feeling. Then, she removed her hands from his waist and chest. The shirt that Luke was wearing was wrinkled after Bianca let go. “I’m sorry. I-I’ll iron it for you.” Aside from this, Bianca had no other words

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