Chapter 177 Listen to the Children and Woman...

Everyone was packing up to leave at five o’clock when someone delivered a massive bouquet of roses over. “Excuse me, who’s Miss Yvonne Gideon?” “It’s me. What’s going on?” Yvonne grabbed her latest Chanel bag and walked over to the entrance of the office. “Flowers for you. The guy who delivered this said that he doesn’t want you to be mad at him and that he’ll marry you when you’re at the legal age of marriage.” The delivery guy handed the bouquet to Yvonne. Yvonne took the flowers and looked at the card inside the bouquet with a grim expression on her face. Then, her face lit up. She threw the card into the bin shyly before leaving the office. “Gosh, I can’t believe the frigid boss would send flowers to a girl just to make her happy,” a female colleague said and went to pick up the card from the bin. A few of the female colleagues also curiously approached her to take a look. It was unknown what was written on the card, but in the end, the female colleagues exclaimed in surprise

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