Chapter 174 Luke Crawford Was Talking Dirty...

Bianca felt the man turning around. However, she did not dare to lift her head. “Xavier… Xavier came over in the afternoon. I fought with him over some minor inconveniences. Perhaps the button fell when it happened.” Her tone was calm. She did not want to become the prisoner he was interrogating as she was not at fault for what happened this afternoon. “What did he do to you? Why did you fight?” Luke lowered his voice and the temperature dropped by 1,000 degrees celsius. “Just an argument, nothing more. My friend Nina was also here. She was between me and Xavier.” Bianca lifted her head to look at him. She looked into his eyes to try to explain herself. Actually, she did not know why she bothered explaining so much to him. Perhaps, it was because he was the father of her children. After she explained everything that made him mad, Bianca did not get his reply after a long while. However, his hot breath that was mixed with a strong masculine scent landed on her face. Bianca wan

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