Chapter 172 Stay the Night Before Leaving Tomorrow

Bianca felt helpless. If that man who was always in the center of attention went out just like this, he might be photographed by those paparazzi who were responsible to capture his private life. Then, they would use those photos to create some fake news. However, if he wanted to change before going out, it was unrealistic as well. After all, Jason, who he was able to order around whenever he wanted, who never once screwed up, had screwed up and went on a date. Bianca knew that breaking up someone’s marriage was a heinous thing to do. After all, Jason was pretty old and it was difficult for him to meet the other love of his life. However, what should she do now… Bianca looked at the time and her eyelashes trembled. “It’s too late now. The mall is near closing time too. If I went out to buy a pair of pants for you, I’m afraid I won’t be able to get there before they close.” “So, after everything you said, what you’re trying to say is that I can only stay the night with you and leav

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