Chapter 170 You Cannot Just Burn A Six-thousand-bucks Pair Of Shoes

Bianca saw that the man standing outside was Xavier Tanner. This indirectly shows that Xavier went back and forth in the theater and went back to the VIP Hall to look for her, to no avail. In a fit of rage, the man came to intercept her. He had watched his lawfully wedded wife cuckooed him with another man right under his nose. Yet, he missed out on the golden opportunity to catch them red-handed. At this moment, as the husband, the entire ordeal must be unspeakably unbearable, even though it might be a loveless marriage between the two—there was not even one-tenth of love in their marriage. In truth, Bianca did not think it was considered cheating to visit the father of her child. However, in Xavier’s eyes, seeing Luke kissing her was directly tantamount to cheating. "Bea, is he your friend?" Nina stood at the door awkwardly. Based on the look Xavier gave Bianca, Nina assumed that there was a high probability that Bianca knew this man. Bianca answered Nina with silence. Nina c

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