Chapter 165 The Adult And The Two Kids, Were His Family

"What are parent-child matching shoes?" Rainie asked the salesgirl sweetly. "Wait a minute, I'll show them to the little cutie." The beautiful young salesgirl disappeared. When she came back, she had four boxes of shoes in her hands. In order to sell the shoes, the salesgirl worked hard to promote them. They were four pairs of identical white sneakers. They were simple, clean, wide, and had a red brand logo behind the shoes. The young salesgirl placed them on the floor for the kids and the adults. "This pair is for your daddy, this pair is for your mommy, and this is yours, while this pair is for your brother. The whole family will be wearing matching shoes. Look how nice it is.” Rainie understood what the young salesgirl meant. She turned around to look at Aunt Bea and her brother. She muttered quietly, "A pair for Daddy, a pair for me, a pair for Aunt Bea, and a pair for Lanie.” "If we walk on the street this way, others will know that we’re a family, right?" Blanche asked bla

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