Chapter 162

She slept well the entire night. Early the next morning, Bianca was the first to wake up. Even though the apartment was located in the most bustling part of the city center, the windows of the apartment were able to provide excellent soundproofing when they were closed–Regardless of how busy or noisy it was outside. In the morning, the apartment was quiet. Bianca went to see the two children first. Rainie was sucking on her finger and sleeping soundly. Lanie had kicked the blanket off the bed but was also sleeping soundly. Bianca covered him with the blanket again. As for a certain man sleeping on the sofa in the living room, the blanket had fallen onto the ground for a long time. Bianca could not help but think that since she occupied the man of the house’s big bed and caused him to sleep on the sofa, it was okay to help him with his blanket. She walked over, picked up the blanket on the ground, and covered the man gently. Luke lay on the sofa with his brows furrowed as he sl

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