Chapter 154 The Two Children Became The Man’s Best Bargaining Chip

After Bianca got her nearly accurate answer, she calmed herself down and breathed. After a long, long time, she remembered that she had to get off from his hot and hard lap. When she tried to move, she found that her legs were jelly. She could not stand up. It felt as if her legs were not hers anymore. The man's thin, hot lips pressed against her earlobes. The shallow kisses as well as the heavy and hot breaths going into her eardrums made her numb all over. Her face flushed as her heartbeat quickened. She could not move anymore. "Don't... Don't do this..." Bianca gasped, but she could not help but sink into his warm masculinity. "Don't be afraid. No one’s going to come over.” Like a treasure in the palm of his hand, Luke picked her up and guided her to straddle him. Bianca could not sit that way at all because the man’s erection was… Too big and her skirt was too thin. The feeling of her unable to sit down made her blush. When he saw her predicament, Luke adjusted her to le

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