Chapter 150 Gave Her An Exact Answer

Bianca took the subway to her office. On the way there, she took out her phone and could not resist calling Luke. She urgently wanted to get an accurate answer from that man. "Sorry, the number you’ve dialed is unavailable. Please try again later." "..." ‘Why is his phone turned off?’ Bianca frowned slightly and did not give up. She called him again. However, she got the same result. The number she dialed was Luke's private number. Outsiders did not have it and only his family and close friends had it. He was the only one who could decide whether to turn it on or off. However, Bianca remembered that Luke once personally told her that that phone was turned on 24 hours a day and that she could find him whenever she needed. When she thought about it, she understood why Luke's private phone was turned off. Previously, his thin and sexy lips were intimately pressed against her cheeks before they moved toward her ears. When he kissed her, he told her that she could find him anytim

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