Chapter 148 The Scheming Man!

Faye crossed the road. Bianca stared at Faye who was more than ten meters away. The woman then crossed the road from another crosswalk... Bianca did not cross the crosswalk to get to work, but she was sneakily following Faye… Her work, her project, and everything else became unimportant at that moment. ‘Bianca, why are you doing this?’ As she walked, she interrogated herself. In the end, however, she could not get a real answer. She refused to admit to herself that she actually wanted to see the kid that she gave birth to last time, even if it was only one look. That was why she subconsciously followed Faye and tried to find more information about the kid from last time. Faye crossed the road and walked straight to the T Corporation building. Bianca looked up at the company logo and frowned. ‘What was Faye doing here?’ In such a short time, she could not think of an exact answer. Bianca followed Faye into the company. When she passed through the revolving doors, she deliber

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