Chapter 136 Luke Asked Her If She Was On Her Period

She cried in Luke's arms for a long, long time until the surrounding crickets quieted down. Bianca had tired herself from crying and felt a faint soreness in her lower abdomen and lower back. It was a feeling that she had for years which she experienced once every month. Only this time, it seemed to have come many days in advance. When a woman’s body did not get enough rest, the body would react abnormally, and that included having irregular periods. Bianca withdrew from his arms. She was anxious and embarrassed. She squeezed out the warm tears from her eyes. When Luke’s chest suddenly felt empty, he looked sadly at her and asked, “Should we head back to A City or continue looking around the town? Does Grandpa have any relatives in town?” He would respect any decision she made. "Grandpa doesn’t have any relatives in town..." Bianca suddenly thought that if Grandpa really ran away from home, he would never return to town. When she thought about it, she started worrying about Gr

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