Chapter 134 You’re My Superior, My Boss, My Older Brother…

When she got out of the elevator, the property’s service personnel behind her said to the man by the door, "I'm very sorry, Sir. She said that she knew you." Luke nodded. The property’s service personnel then left. As she looked at the man by the door, Bianca asked with reservation, "Did you see my grandpa?" She was the one who said she wanted to be out of his life, but now, she was the one who came to his door late at night to ask him things. Bianca could not help but be reserved and feel awkward. However, she had no choice but to go through with it so that she could find Grandpa. "What happened to your grandpa? Is he not at home?" Luke initially had his head low as he tied his night robe. When he heard her words, he raised his head and asked her. Bianca observed his expression and eyes. She realized that he looked genuine about not knowing where her grandpa was. The sudden drop of her heart made her feel at a loss. She shook her head and pressed the elevator button with tremb

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