Chapter 131 Luke, Are You A Pervert?!

Yvonne was busy thinking about things. Among the wealthy bachelors of A City, who was the most difficult? No, not the young playboys nor the fickle-minded prince. It was none other than the cold and indifferent Luke Crawford. Especially when dealing with women, Luke was extremely indifferent. Yvonne needed to admit that she had a lot of chances to get closer to Luke, but after all those years, the two of them were practically strangers. However, Yvonne never felt humiliated because other women were treated just the same. Bianca Rayne alone was the outlier who Luke seemed to have taken a liking to. Yvonne could not wrap her head around why that mediocre Bianca was so beloved by Luke! However, no matter what Bianca used to get Luke to be hooked on her, she knew she had to solve the Bianca problem as soon as possible. She wanted to make Bianca a dirty whore, inside and out. If Bianca got married to a poor scumbag and suffered a torturous marriage while living in a hell on earth, Y

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