Chapter 129 Yay! Daddy Kissed Aunt Bea!

At that moment when the air in the bedroom was heavy, she managed to find her cell phone. After turning it on with difficulty, all her notifications flooded in. Brayden texted and asked her, ‘Bea, what time are you getting off work? Shall we have dinner together tonight?’ Bianca rushed back to reply to Brayden. After replying to him, Bianca did not dare to look back at Luke who was next to the bed. She took a soft breath, turned the doorknob, and walked out in a pretend huff. She carefully closed the bedroom door. Bianca looked around and realized that she was in a manor, presumably Xavier's home. There were sounds of glasses clinking from downstairs. It sounded like a cocktail party. Bianca looked around and there seemed to be no other way out except for going downstairs and leaving through the main entrance. She walked toward the stairs and did not dare to make a sound. "Ms. Rayne?" As Jason walked upstairs, he happened to bump into Bianca who was looking down from the stairs

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