Chapter 127 Made Luke Very Curious

Blanche no longer wanted to talk to Daddy. He took a towel to dry Rainie’s fingers when she was by the pool, playing happily. "Why did you get your hair wet? You’re a girl." Blanche sighed. Apart from her strict dad, there was her older brother who was slightly older than her. He crouched in front of the pool, drying his sister’s hair and face while he solemnly wondered how much easier life would be with a mommy. Since he was a baby, he always hoped that his mommy would come back to look for Rainie and him. He thought that even if Mommy did not get back together with Daddy, at least she would visit them on the weekends to see Rainie and him because that would be enough. However, it was different now. Blanche no longer hoped that Mommy would come back to look for them. He just wished that Daddy could marry Aunt Bea and make her their mommy instead. That way, Rainie could also have a beautiful childhood like other girls. "Is that... Yvonne?" someone asked and pointed at the manor’s

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