Chapter 10 Bad Man

For a few seconds there, Bianca's mind went blank! She frowned and inwardly berated herself for being so weak-willed. 'Bianca, don't forget, you have Jean! 'Jean is the only man you can feel anything for!' "You're with me now. How could you get distracted?!" The man forcefully pushed her white coat aside. There was a moist and warm sensation on her lips. He then lowered his head and kissed her hair. After a long time, his low voice spoke into her ear seductively. Bianca was about to explode when she heard the man’s low voice! Luke had a really nice scent of shower foam on him, just like she did. That meant that this man had just used her shower foam when he took a shower earlier. Bianca knew just how dangerous it would be if she did not put up a desperate fight right now. Just plain struggling was not going to work. All she could do was apologize in advance for disrespecting her boss. At least that would be better than whatever was going on now! Bianca’s eyes grew used to the darkness, and now she could vaguely see the man’s delicate features. The dim lighting shone on him, making him look surreal. His thin lips seemed especially tempting. Anyone who did not know better might think that this man here was the undisputed king of porn videos. His every movement was shot full of pheromones. Bianca applied pressure into her fingers as she squeezed the man’s body. She then gathered up her courage and raised her leg. Bending her knee, she rammed it forcefully into the man’s nethers! “Ugh—” There was a muffled groan, and the man frowned deeply, swallowing that pain back into his throat. “Let go of me!” She shook her body left and right, putting up a fight. The man grabbed her wrist suddenly, hurting her. No matter how she tried, she could not break free from his grasp. For a second there, Bianca thought it was all over for her. This was where she would fall. A second later, though, the man abruptly let go of her. Her mind had gone blank. The first thing she wanted to do was run away from her as soon as she could. She did not exactly close the door quietly. The noise made the two little children stir in bed, slowly waking up. … It was late at night, and Bianca wandered the hotel corridors. She did not dare to linger for too long, but she could not go back to her room, and she definitely could not go to a dead end like the washroom. Eventually, she took the elevator and went down to the ground floor. The lights were brightly shining in the hotel lobby. There were two receptionists at the counter and four security guards standing watch outside. It did not matter who walked by; no one would be able to harass her. Even if they tried, the guards would be just two meters away. It was very safe here. “Here you go, miss.” One of the receptionists kindly poured her a cup of hot tea. “Thank you.” Bianca accepted the tea and took a few sips. It warmed up her cold body. It was destined to be a long night. The wait was torturous, but at least it would eventually come to an end. … Bianca was woken up by the cold the next morning. Although she had a blanket over her, she realized that her nose was stuffed anyway, and her body was trembling. There was a high chance she had come down with a cold. Now that she had woken up, she had to deal with the consequences of what happened last night. Bianca hugged her arms and thought, ‘If the boss sincerely apologizes for what happened last night, I might consider accepting his apology. If he does not seem remorseful at all, I’ll resign without a second thought.’ She knew that it was perfectly cliched for male superiors to sexually harass their female subordinates. That did not change, be it locally or internationally. If she left this company, the same thing might happen again at her next workplace. To men, women were weak, but that did not mean every woman would do what the men expected of them. It was not quite possible for her to take this lying down. … Of the two colleagues who came to H City on this trip with Bianca, the woman was Sue Carter and the man Tom Lewis. At eight o’clock, they went downstairs. “You sure are early, Bianca.” Sue was about to have breakfast with Tom when she turned around and spotted Bianca. Bianca also felt a slight sense of security now that she had seen her colleague. She was about to stand up and leave with her colleagues. Just then, she saw the elevator doors on the left open. The great boss was walking out of the elevator with his son and daughter in tow. Bianca looked at them, her face pale. Luke’s gaze was also accurately trained onto Bianca, who looked rather worse for the wear. “Go with your Uncle Doyle for now,” Luke said to his children, lowering his head. Jason Doyle held Rainie’s hand, and when the two of them walked past Bianca, Rainie even made an adorable little face at Bianca. Seeing Rainie made Bianca’s heart soften for some reason. Jason brought the two children away for breakfast, gesturing at Sue and Tom to go with him. As for Luke, he never once looked away from Bianca. When he finally approached her, his eyes took in her fair cheeks as he said, “Why was I sleeping in your room last night?” Uh… Bianca blinked, raising her head to look at her boss. She had not expected this. Was this man an amnesiac drunk? Did he really not remember anything after sobering up? Their eyes met, and Bianca suddenly felt this was all so unfair. The man in front of her was almost a hundred and ninety centimeters tall. He was really tall and slender, his shoulders broad and his hips narrow. His pure-white shirt wrapped his well-toned torso perfectly. He looked all classy and gentlemanly now, as though the bad man who had pinned her down violently last night, hugging and sucking on her skin hungrily was another person altogether. “You were drunk last night, Mr. Crawford,” she said. “Yes, but I do remember some fragments. Were you that woman last night?” he asked coolly. Bianca’s breathing turned a little ragged, his gaze making her flustered. Did he think that she… purposely pulled him into her room last night so that she could have a fling with her boss…? Bianca hurriedly waved him off. “It wasn’t me! I don’t know what happened last night. After you took over my room last night, sir, a room service lady went inside, but she only stayed inside for five minutes before coming out again.” The man was still staring at her, his gaze fixed on her face. He stared at her brow, her eyes, the tip of her nose, her lips. She actually only wanted to make light of the matter. Since her boss had forgotten all about it, she had no intention of accusing her boss of anything. Dang it, though, why did she say five minutes? She should have said it was an hour! “What happened? Did she steal something?” Bianca asked. The man frowned and said sarcastically, “She didn’t steal anything, but I think she touched that part of me.” Bianca’s face instantly reddened slightly, but she was not aware of it. “Are… Are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?” Bianca asked, startled. The man’s sharp eyes met her flighty gaze. “I’m more worried about her knee, actually.” Bianca, “...” “Whatever. Since she’s in charge of room service, I’m sure she’s used to getting a few knocks in the line of duty,” the man said mildly. He then lit a cigarette with a frown and ignored Bianca, taking a dreg as he left. She stayed right where she was. It was only now that she felt a tinge of pain in her knee… Lanie and Rainie’s mother must have been out of the picture for a long time now. Why else would the boss act so crazy?

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