Chapter 108 She Cried From Being Scolded By Luke

When she heard what the nanny said, Rainie got so scared that she walked over and hugged Aunt Bea. "What are we going to do? Daddy’s back.” The nanny was also embarrassed that she had to ask Bianca for help. "If he asks, tell him that I’m the one who brought it,” Bianca said. "Thank you for being considerate, Ms. Bianca. My two sons are still studying. I really can't afford to lose this job." The nanny looked back at the corridor. When she turned around, she squeezed her hands nervously. "I understand." Bianca glanced at the instant mac and cheese that was almost ready. The smell was everywhere. If Luke came in, he would have smelled it. Therefore, even if she threw it away now, he would still find out about it. It was better not to throw it out. Luke did not let his kids eat junk food because he was a young master who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Even if he used to live in a place like Luojiazhen, he was still a rich boy. Quite often, the lifestyle habits of weal

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