Chapter 998

The cruise ship was well-lit. It looked like a night pearl shimmering in the ocean as they viewed it from the sky. There were many people on the deck of the cruise ship. In addition to Dragon Group’s top executives from all over the world, there were also some famous stars from the entertainment industry and some dignitaries from the political circle. The descending helicopter had caught everyone’s attention. Almost all eyes fell upon it. “That’s our president and his wife, right?” “I’ve seen pictures of the young mistress before. She’s gorgeous!” “Well, well. I bet all the bachelors are going to go crazy later.” Very soon, the helicopter landed on the deck under the crowd’s attention. Everyone could not take their eyes off the helicopter. Zack Cassidy, who was flying the helicopter, was the first to get out of the helicopter, followed by the several black-clad bodyguards. After that, Zack approached the passenger seat and opened the hatch. Stanley’s and Xyla Quest’

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