Chapter 996

“Detective Ritzer found that Emily’s brain was in a state of hypnosis. He speculated that Emily committed suicide under hypnosis. “Besides, he said that Emily had consumed the Soul Devouring Potion before. The toxin left behind by the potion can greatly enhance the effectiveness of hypnosis. Hence, it’s really easy to ‘control’ Emily and instruct her to commit suicide if the master wants.” The seriousness in Stanley Batton’s tone was only amplified with each word he spoke. Xyla Quest was not surprised to find out about that. She knew how powerful the Soul Devouring Potion and hypnosis were. “The coroner must’ve stopped investigating after confirming that Emily has indeed died of suicide.” Stanley continued, “Well, there are still a lot of possibilities other than this reason. The master might have bribed the coroner.” “There must be a spy in jail, helping him to keep an eye on May, Emily, and the police. Otherwise, it’s impossible for him to carry out all these things in jai

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