Chapter 994

Seeing that Jeremy Quest was calling her, Xyla Quest immediately answered the call. “Xyla, come to my house now. I have something to tell you.” Jeremy cut to the chase. “Okay. I’m coming over.” As Xyla spoke, she turned to look at Stanley Batton. “I need to go home now. You have some rest first. I’ll be back soon.” “Do you want me to go with you?” Stanley wrapped his arm around Xyla’s waist and asked dotingly. However, Xyla shook her head. “Nah, it’s okay.” “Alright then. I’ll wait for you upstairs,” Stanley said. After that, Xyla got into her red Maserati and headed straight to the Quest family’s house. Jeremy was sitting alone in front of the coffee table when Xyla pulled open the door. There was no one around him except a glass of warm milk. The living room was cheerless as all the maids were not around. Though Jeremy seemed a little depressed sitting there alone, his presence imparted an air of elegance. Xyla immediately hurried to the living room and sat down nex

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