Chapter 987

“Silly girl, why are you being so courteous with me?” Stanley Batton sounded full of affection. Xyla Quest started smiling again. “Let’s eat out tonight… I’ve already booked a place. I’ll send it to you on WeChat later,” Stanley said. “Hmm, what are we eating?” Xyla asked. “Your favorite. Crabs,” Stanley said. “Okay,” Xyla replied. “Let’s bring Dad along,” Stanley added. “Dad hasn’t had a nice meal recently. Let’s take him to a nice place tonight,” he said. Xyla felt a sense of warmth in her heart again. This was the man she loved. Not only did he love her deeply, but he also loved her family deeply. Each time, Stanley would be more considerate than Xyla. “Okay…” Xyla said. After chatting with Stanley for a while, Xyla hung up the phone. As soon as she hung up, Stanley sent the restaurant’s location to her. It was a high-end crab restaurant in the city center, and it was called Crab Delight. Xyla replied with an ‘OK’ emoticon. After that, she shifted her gaze back to the

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