Chapter 979

At this moment, a thought suddenly occurred to Xyla Quest. “Being afraid of something melting in one’s mouth, and also being afraid of it falling from one’s hand.” This was how much Stanley Batton doted on her. Xyla stood still without moving, allowing Stanley to wash her hands and wipe them dry for her. He was meticulous, almost as if he was cleaning dust off an antique item. After cleaning Xyla’s hands, Stanley picked her up like a princess and walked into the dining room. He then gently placed her in her usual seat. After that, Stanley sat down in his seat and placed the ingredients into the broth for Xyla. Throughout the process, Xyla was only responsible for eating. *** After the wine and food, Xyla went into the study, switched on the computer, and checked her email. She wanted to find out if the top domestic and international hematologists she had emailed for help had replied to her. However, there was nothing in the mailbox except her work emails. Xyla let out a lon

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