Chapter 977

With Christian Hall personally handling things, Xyla Quest’s request was very quickly sorted out. Once everything was taken care of, Xyla left the bank with the female servant’s parents. She first sent the couple home. After that, she returned to her own house with her group of bodyguards. When she drove her car into the courtyard, the sky was already turning dark. The lights in the courtyard were all switched on. Under the brilliant lights, the flowers and plants looked extraordinarily perfect. After checking her appearance using the mirror inside the car, Xyla walked into the house. As soon as she entered, she could smell the scent of a rich, creamy broth wafting through her nostrils. It instantly made Xyla crave food. She quickly followed the scent into the kitchen, only to find Stanley Batton carefully cleaning large prawns in front of the sink. There were all sorts of cleaned ingredients next to him on the kitchen top, including abalones, lobsters, lettuce, shiitake mus

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