Chapter 968

The truth would be revealed one day. Those who were on the dark side would have to pay for their misdeeds. What went around came around. It was only a matter of time. Jeremy Quest nodded in agreement. “You definitely will.” Jeremy could not take it anymore. It all happened so suddenly. He was heartbroken enough to find out that her daughter committed suicide, whereas his wife died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Never in his life had he imagined that they were murdered. Who the hell was this ‘master’? Jeremy’s utter bewilderment was reflected in his eyes. He was appalled when he recalled everything that had happened on Xyla Quest before. He was so close to losing his favorite and most outstanding daughter. “Xyla, I’m so grateful that you’re alive and well. I thank god for taking care of you. I really am scared when I think about it.” Jeremy patted Xyla’s hands, mixed feelings churning inside of him. Xyla was touched hearing that. She slid her fingers between Jeremy’s

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