Chapter 965

Ron Batton didn’t say anything. Instead, he continued to frown deeply. “It’s probably the Black Poison…” “Black Poison?” Xyla Quest had never heard about any such poison. Now, she felt increasingly curious. “Yeah. This kind of poison also originated from Sorax. It’s made using over ten thousand types of poisons. A single dosage the size of a sesame seed would be enough to turn someone into this…” Ron said. “Like the Soul Devouring Potion, this kind of poison should have eventually disappeared following his death…” Ron added. Both types of poisons pointed them to Sorax. Xyla felt that this ‘master’ must have been related to Sorax somehow. After all, these two types of poison were both rare poisons of this world. If this person wasn’t related to Sorax, it must not have been easy to acquire such poisons… “Master, honey, do you think this ‘master’ might be related to Sorax? Otherwise, how did he come to possess these strange poisons that should have disappeared following Sorax’s de

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