Chapter 95

Right then, the financial news channel began broadcasting news about the Quest family from the living room. The words that came to the ears of Emily Quest and May Conner felt like needles pricking their eardrums. Emily immediately became enraged. She did not understand how Xyla Quest was able to do all this. Why was victory always on her side? Why did good things always surround Xyla? Xyla must be very happy right now. Emily hated her! She was jealous of her! Emily refused to give up! May was feeling the same way. In fact, she could not help but think about how Emily would live in the future with Xyla still in the spotlight. If May was kicked out of the house, she was certain that Emily would not have it easy at home. May was determined not to let something like that happen! Distracted, Emily accidentally knocked her hand against the metal faucet while washing the dishes. Her freezing fingers were in great pain. “Ouch…” Emily cried out in pain before shaking her hand, fervently. Howeve

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