Chapter 951

Stanley Batton affectionately ruffled Xyla Quest’s hair and looked down at her. “Is it good?” Xyla nodded. Zack Cassidy had bought the black pepper flavored steak she liked. The texture was excellent. Not only was the meat tender, but it was also juicy. Xyla liked it a lot. “Have some more, okay?” Stanley said. With that, he gracefully picked up his knife and fork, and he started to enjoy the delicious food. When others saw that Stanley was eating, they eagerly picked up their knives and forks, and they started to eat too. They ate and discussed work over the meeting at the same time. Everyone still seemed serious. After finishing her steak, Xyla carefully opened a bottle of strawberry milk tea. She drank it while she played with her phone. Once she finished drinking the milk tea, she felt exhausted. Hence, she leaned against her chair and was prepared to rest with her eyes closed for a while. However, she somehow ended up falling asleep without realizing it. Not long after

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