Chapter 939

Xyla Quest didn’t know about any of this at all, and she couldn’t possibly have done it… Who did it? “When did this happen?” Xyla asked. When Emily Quest heard this, she instantly sneered. “You really can act. Didn’t you do this as an act of revenge because I used your blueprint design? The timing of what happened to me was too much of a coincidence… Even if I can’t find proof, I know it’s you. Stop trying to wash your hands clean,” Emily said. Emily’s words revealed to Xyla another piece of information. This meant that the incident happened after Xyla competed with Emily in the ocean theme park blueprint design competition. Who did it then? It couldn’t have been Stanley Batton. If it were, he would have told Xyla. However, if it wasn’t Stanley, who could it be? And why did Tom Sullivan actually remain quiet after finding out about all of that? Why didn’t he cause a scene? Tom already hated Emily. He didn’t have any reason not to use it against her. Also, Emily was already

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