Chapter 936

‘#Mary Sullivan expressed her intention to make her debut#’. When Xyla Quest saw the name, she subconsciously frowned. Out of curiosity, she tapped on the hot topic and took a glimpse at it. At the top, there was a video of Mary dancing that was posted two hours ago. There was a caption. “With this standard, is it possible to debut as an idol and join a girls’ group?” Xyla subconsciously tapped on the video. Right after that, Mary was seen wearing a revealing dress while she danced in the street. In the video, Mary seemed to dance very well. Indeed, Mary had been learning how to dance since she was a kid. Her moves were very powerful, and her body seemed to be very flexible too. Her body and her face looked good, too. If she hadn’t had so much dark history, it wouldn’t have been a huge problem for her to make a debut. Unfortunately, she had too dark of a past. It was nearly impossible for her to become an idol. Xyla really felt that Mary was over-estimating herself. Netizen

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