Chapter 934

After saying that, Xyla Quest picked up her phone and left the office without any further delay. Georgie Clementine stood up slowly with one hand pressing against the table. “Let’s go…” She said. When Henry Armstrong saw this, he immediately reached out and picked her up like a princess again. This made Georgie feel as if her heart was coming up to her throat again. She subconsciously frowned a little. “Put me down…” Henry looked down at her with a smile. “Enough. With your injured ankle, you’d hurt miserably if you walked on your own. Why are you acting so tough?” He said. Georgie remained silent. Seeing that she became quiet, Henry smiled from ear to ear. “When are you going to get rid of that confession advertisement?” Georgie asked. “I booked it for half a month… I’ve already paid. How could you ask me to cancel it? I can’t get the money back,” Henry said. “30,000 dollars every ten minutes of advertisement, and yet, you have booked it for half a month at one go. You reall

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