Chapter 931

“I came to send Georgie to work. At noon, after we ate together, she sprained her right ankle. She has just received treatment in the hospital. At first, I wanted to send her home to rest, but being the workaholic she is, she refused… I had no choice but to take her here,” Henry Armstrong said. When Xyla Quest heard this, her heart instantly tightened. “Was it very serious?” she asked. Henry shook his head. “It’s not exactly serious. It’s just a minor sprain.” “In that case, I’ll go up and check on her…” Xyla said. “Okay, go ahead… Take good care of her. I’ll take my leave now,” Henry said. After that, Henry waved his hand at Xyla cheerfully and walked away with a lazy stride. Once Henry had left, Xyla took her private elevator and quickly arrived at the CEO’s office. Xyla politely knocked on the door before pushing the door to enter. At that moment, Georgie Clementine was sitting at her large desk, carefully reading through some documents. When Georgie saw that Xyla was here,

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