Chapter 928

Georgie Clementine, on the other hand, took out her phone and looked at Weibo. Seeing the buzz about Mr. Brown and the boycotting of Sun-N-Shine Entertainment made her smile satisfactorily in an instant. “I’ll send you home to rest…” Henry Armstrong said. “I don’t want to… Take me to the office. I only sprained my ankle, and it’s nothing serious at all…” Georgie said. “But the doctor said that you should not tire yourself or walk too often during this period,” Henry argued. “There is a bunch of things waiting for me at the company… I’ll just be sitting in the office, and I won't be walking much,” Georgie said. “No way!” Henry decisively refused. “Henry Armstrong!” Georgie had a look of dissatisfaction on her face. Although she knew that Henry was doing this for her good, she really couldn’t afford not to go back to the company. Right now, there were still a bunch of things needing her attention. Seeing that she was angry, Henry instantly gave in. Helplessly, he raised his han

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